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OKM Heavy Duty Industrial Knife Gate Valve

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OKM Heavy Duty Industrial Knife Gate Valve

The Knife gate valve technology of OKM is well recognition with 30 years of experience and reliable record has been refined and developed all stainless steel 336US in order to meet very serve conditions of liquid control. The model 336US has improved over the previous model of 336S and employed a multi-seatable type design so that only the seal ring could be changed which was impossible on 336US. It is ideal for flow control these difficult to control liquid such as slurry, pulp, very fine particles with high concentration and viscosity for the industries of pulp, chemical, food, mines, and wastewater treatment. It is a compact & light all stainless Steel Knife gate valve with excellent corrosion & wear resistance for high performance and long service life.

-All stainless Steel structure with excellent corrosion and wear resistance.
-Stainless Steel Plate with high precision grinding Finish
-Special Seat Structure Multi Seatable
-Multi Layer Gland Packing with good sealing
-Original Jaws to Guarantee Close Contact Seal
-Double Thread for Faster Operation
-Low-Torque Circular Hand Wheel

Touch Seat Design

Multiple Sealing

Upgradable to Control

S-Disc Design

Compact Size

Various Seat Material

Available Model
Model336J, 366Y
Available Size
Flange Standard
Working Pressure
Working Temperature
Face to Face
Stainless Steel*1
Stainless Steel*1
Metal, Rubber, Teflon *1
50 To 600 mm. (2"-24")
JIS 5K,JIS 10K, ANSI , PN, Etc
1.0 Mpa (10 Bar)
~ 230C*1
ISO Standard
Gear, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic
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